CnC TA: Crucial Packs 1-4 with MCV Research
Please remove these scripts from your TamperMonkey and GreaseMonkey Dashboards before installing....

CnC TA: Crucial Pack All in One
Replaces all the above mentioned script packs and works on both
Firefox with GreaseMonkey* and Chrome with TamperMonkey.

What's different about this script?
Crucial Packs 1-4 have been around for six months and are used by over 1200 players via word of mouth. They have been enjoying a steady flow of updates to the scripts to counter script errors using a unique Update script I designed to help inform the player and help keep their script pack up to date.   Traditional All in One script packs are not customizable so you can not just turn off a script that you don't find useful until now. Simply install the script and visit the Tiberium Alliances homepage to access the Crucial Pack Script Settings Window to make a choice of which scripts you would like to use. All the scripts included in the previous Crucial Packs are activated by default with the TACS simulator chosen.

*Due to issues with jQuery/GreaseMonkey compatibility, the Crucial Script Settings Window will not be available on Firefox. The user is required to right click on the script listed on the GreaseMonkey drop down menu to produce the source code of the script and then edit the easy to understand code between lines 30 & 65 to set which script to run.


Screenshots of some Features


 Click here to Install

Having issues with installing this script on Chrome?
First check to make sure TamperMonkey is installed by clicking here to install it.

If TamperMonkey is installed then do this to fix the issue.

Click the Tamper Monkey Icon on your Chrome Browser
Click on the Dashboard
Click on Settings Tab
In the Config mode: Combo box choose Advanced

Scroll down to the Security Section and make sure the first highlighted option is on Yes and then copy and paste the following address onto a new line in the Whitelisted Pages text box and then press the save button below it.*

You're Done. Now Try to install the script again.

Click here to Install