TeamSpeak Server

TeamSpeak is one of the most widely used voice chat mediums to communicate between Gamers on a wide variety of games. For most, a cheap microphone and a headphone set plugged into your PC/Mac/Linux is all you need to get started. It's even available as an App on Apple and Android Devices. If you don't have a microphone, you can still interact with others by using your keyboard to chat in the channels.

Our TeamSpeak server is a non-profit server which means it is free to use by anyone who wants to communicate with their friends who also play MMO's.

Instructions on getting connected to the TeamSpeak Server

First you will need the client software that you can download by visiting the TeamSpeak website at There are a number of downloads for different operating systems and devices. Choose the one that is right for you, download it and install it.

Once installed you will need to run TeamSpeak and go through the setup wizard to configure your audio and microphone. Afterwards, press the connection menu and click on connect. Below you will find the server address for All Your Bases Belong 2 Us.  Only the server address and your nickname are required to connect to the TeamSpeak server.


Contact Debitosphere for All your TeamSpeak Server Administration needs.

email: debitosphere @

Tip: If you only use TeamSpeak for Tiberium Alliances, you can set the chat/talk trigger key to your right mouse button which is not used in the game. Means you can left click/type messages on your keyboard while pressing the right mouse button to talk.